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Restoring your chat history. You can back up your WhatsApp data using Google Drive and/or a local backup. Local backups will be automatically created every day at 2am and they will be saved as a file in your phone. Follow the step by step guide to restore WhatsApp backup from google drive.I backed up messages on google drive and emptied my old phone. on the new one, it found backup but cant restore. help!? The advantage of backup through Google Drive is: You can restore WhatsApp messages to the new phone when your phone was stolen or lost.Heres how to back up and restore WhatsApp messages from Google Drive. How to Restore WhatsApp Backup from Google Drive? Taking a backup helps you save the data from phone lost or any disasters. When you upgrade or purchase a new android mobile phone, you should be able to easily move in all your old phones data. Thankfully were here to help. This tutorial explains how to transfer WhatsApp conversations to a new device, so youManually backing up chats and restoring them. If youve yet to receive the Google Drive WhatsApp update, its still reasonably easy to create a backup and move it to your new phone. How to restore WhatsApp messages from Google Drive.Follow these on How to Restore Whatsapp Messages. First of all, Sign in your Google account in the new phone that was used for backup. The best thing you want to do when you get a new phone is to restore a backup of your old WhatsApp Chat history either from Gmail mail or directly from Google drive.The simple way to restore WhatsApp backup from Google device is snippet out below. Techiee9 | Free Softwares, Windows Themes BEST WHATSAPP TRICKS YOU MUST KNOW how to whatsapp WHATSAPP TIPS AND TRICKS How to Backup Restore your WhatsAppThe media backup includes your audio, images, and voice notes. Backing up WhatsApp to Google Drive .

This wikiHow teaches you how to restore backed-up WhatsApp chats, photos, and videos to your Android device.To restore from your Google Drive backup, youll need to be signed into your Android phone or tablet with the same account you were using when you backed up your messages. Deeksha Agrawal: How do I restore WhatsApp chats from Google Drive backup on an iPhone?to restore the Hi I uninstalled WhatsApp in my old Android phone when I moved to a new iPhone as I thought that upon installation in iPhone, WhatsApp would allow me to restore from Google Drive. Part 2: How to Restore WhatsApp from Google Drive Backup.- Install Google Play Services on your phone.

- Make sure your Google Drive account have enough space for the backup. How to Backup/Restore Whatsapp Chats Using Google Drive.Steps To Backup/Restore Whatsapp Chats With Google Drive :- Step 1. First of all, update your WhatsApp app from Google Play Store to the latest version. The Google Drive backup makes it a lot of easier to transfer WhatsApp messages from Android to Android.How to Change your Phone Number in WhatsApp. How to Restore Deleted WhatsApp Messages on iPhone and Android. How To Restore Whatsapp Messages From Google Drive To Android. Learn easy steps to Backup Restore WhatsApp Messages with Google Drive. As well as move whatsapp chat history from old phone to new phone. How to Create and Restore Whatsapp Backup. Posted February 28, 2018 by Sheraz Ali in Android, Internet.Im using an Android phone to backup Whatsapp to Google drive, but the process is similar for Iphone and Windows users. After that, you will be prompted to restore messages and media from Google Drive.2. Restore WhatsApp Chats from iCloud backup Install WhatsApp on your new iPhone.How to Backup and Restore Android Phone without Rooting. WhatsApp added a new feature which allows you to automatically create a backup of your Message, Voice message, Photos and videos on Google Drive. If you lose your phone or switch to another Android phone, Your WhatsApp data are safe and restored in a few clicks. . Also See : How to Its mentioned on WhatsApps website: The easiest way to transfer data to a new phone is by using Google Drive.TAGS. Google drive. How To Backup Restore WhatsApp Chat. If you want to learn how to transfer your WhatsApp chat history to a new phone, you have come to the right spot.It is important to note that if you were installing WhatsApp without any former backups from Google Drive, the system will automatically restore, and it will restore from locally stored or If you are not sure how to do whatsapp backup, then checkout the article on taking latest whatsapp backup on Google drive.Thats it you have restored all the Whatsapp files from Google Drive backup. Yippee got all the Whatsapp content in my new Phone. Restore Google Drive Backup to Whatsapp. When you install WhatsApp on a new or reinstall on theIf there is no local backup available on your Phone, then It will check Google Drive backupIn case youre thinking to remove WhatsApp backup from Google Drive then read this post: How to How to restore WhatsApp chats from Google Drive.If you want to use a local backup, you will need to transfer the files to the new phone using a computer, file explorer or an SD Card. So this will save your from the hassle of moving your chat backup and data to a new phone. Lets dive in to the steps as to how you can do itRestoring WhatsApp Data from Google Drive . Its a magic to restore WhatsApp backup from GDrive as one doesnt needs to do anything. Restoring WhatsApp chats directly from Google Drive backup to iPhone is not possible, so in this guide, we will walk you through the steps of restoring WhatsApp messages from Google Drive to yourThe transfer of WhatsApp chats from your old Android phone to your new iPhone will now start. WhatsApp has recently introduced Google Drive backups in its latest update. This allows users to automatically back up their chat messages, shared photos a.Read further to find out how to backup and restore your WhatsApp chat messages to and fro Google Drive. How to restore deleted Whatsapp Messages is what you can do without rocket scientist knowledge. If you have used whatsapp before on either Android or iPhone, even whatsapp web you can easily restore deleted messages on to your new phone when you have a couple of your whatsapp backup How to Fix WhatsApp Backup Process Stuck on Android. Why Google Drive Backup.When trying to restoring WhatsApp chats backup from old phone to a new phone, some users fail to do so. Please try How to Backup and Restore WhatsApp Messages from Google. Download whatsapp for samsung champ gt-c3303. Whatsapp funny jokes in hindi new.How can I backup my Whatsapp chat from windows phone to How do I restore WhatsApp chats from a Google Drive backup on messages Few weeks back there was a news on Google Drive backup made available for WhatsApp users, but this was not rolled out to all users. But today, Google has confirmed that Google Drive backup is now official and you can get the latest version of WhatsApp to take a backup of your messages. Note: The easiest way to transfer data to a new phone is using Google Drive.I want to restore an older whatsapp backup from the drivebut by mistake i backuped again with no msg so how to get it back plzz say. How to move whatsapp backup from android to windows phone,restore iphone calendar from icloud backup 4s,icloud backup on ipad 3 youtube - For Begninners.This article shows you how to transfer WhatsApp chat history between old and new devices on same platform. I have 3 years of conversations on WhatsApp and I would like to have them on my iPhone aswell, since my old phone isnt gonna be used anymore. All i have is a backup, stored on Google Drive, and as I can see, the Apple version for WhatsApp only restores from iCloud. Backing up whatsapp to two different google drive accounts. 0. whatsapp backup from different phone number but same gmail account.

1.Cant restore Nexus 6p Google Drive backup to new LG G6. 0. Lost my Samsung I have an iPhone how I restore my WhatsApp chats on the iPhone Now you have understood how to make backup of WhatsApp messages on Android. Great! So what can you do with the backup files? If you switch to a new phone or lost some important chat history, you can always restore from Google Drive backup. How to restore WhatsApp chats from Google Drive.If you want to use a local backup, you will need to transfer the files to the new phone using a computer, file explorer or an SD Card. If you want to restore WhatsApp photos from a Google Drive, then you need to use the same phone number and Google account which used to create the backup. Tip 1: Why Cannot Restore WhatsApp from Google Drive to iPhone Directly.After taking a backup of your WhatsApp messages, youre allowed to restore those messages from this backup on your new iPhone. And it is really easy to create a WhatsApp backup with this feature. You can backup your WhatsApp messages and media on Android by going to Setting > Chats> Chat backup, and hit the BACK UP button. If you have created a WhatsApp backup on Google Drive, how to restore the WhatsApp Messages and media can be backed up using Google Drive, and restored to a new Android device.When you verify your phone number, WhatsApp will ask you to restore your messages and media from backup. We show you how to backup and restore WhatsApp messages to a new phone.Select Chats, then Chat backup. Select Back Up to back up your WhatsApp chat history to Google Drive. How can I download WhatsApp backup from Google drive to PC? How can I restore an older backup on whatsapp, if only one newer backup is showing?If I backup from a new number, will I be able to restore all Whatsapp chats, groups and contacts to my cell phone of the previous user? Phone: Nokia Lumia 920. So this is what I did step wise: 1. Wanted to backup my chats in old Lumia and restore it into new android.1. After revoking WhatsApp access to onedrive, how to tell WhatsApp to ask for permission again? How to Backup Restore WhatsApp Android. Instead of the original SMS, you may rely more and more on WhatsApp to keep in touch with your friends.Make sure you use the same phone number on the new phone. You will be prompted to restore data from Google Drive Backup. How to restore WhatsApp chats from a Google Drive backup. Everythings backed up. Great!How to move your WhatsApp messages to a new phone using Google Drive. Youre wading through the jungle in Borneo. How To Restore Google Drive Backup To WhatsApp. After backing up your WhatsApp data on Google Drive, you should be aware about how to restore it back. You will need same Google Account and Phone Number which you have used while taking backup. How to back up and restore in Whatsapp - Продолжительность: 7:26 Android Tutorials - AndroidHow to easily transfer all WhatsApp data from old phone to new phone?How To Backup Your WhatsApp Message On Google Drive - Продолжительность: 5:10 Billi 4 You 80 958 просмотров. However, when you select Google Drive to store your backup files, then you can bring back your all WhatsApp conversation to your new Phone even your old Phone lost or stolen. Lets take a look at How we can backup and restore our WhatsApp chats on either SD card or Google Drive. How To Creating a Google Drive backup. Open whatsaap.Uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp. After verifying your number, you will be prompted to restore your messages and media from Google Drive. Learn How to Restore WhatsApp Backup Transfer from Google Drive. If you recently changed your phone or have plans to change or just want to know that how whats back and restore works then this the best place for you. How to restore WhatsApp backup from Google Drive.The nice thing is that your WhatApp on your new phone is just like it was on your old phone, thanks to Google Drive.


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