extjs combobox remove scrollbar





Thank you very much for you time and concern. I found solution based on ExtJs 4.2.1 jQuery (you can use vanilla js)Create the combo box, attached to the states data store Ext.create(Ext .form.ComboBox, fieldLabel: Choose State, store: states, queryMode: local Tags: extjs combobox scrollbar store extjs4.But vertical scrollbar is gone when i load data by this code. Has anyone realized this problem? I tried fiddling with Exts CSS for combos with no luck. Does anyone know how it can be done ? Using ExtJS 3.2.0. EDIT: Alternative solution.I cant increase the width of the iframe so I want to just remove the scroll bar. extjs January 29,2018 0. In the fiddle mentioned below, when I scrolls the combobox down and then tries to drag the scroll bar up, I am not able to click the Select All button. This happens in internet explorer.

My ExtJS 2 example: http://zikro.gr/dbg/html/extjs/combo-hide-scroll- extjs2.html. For ExtJS 4, there is the autoScroll parameter that allows to enable or disable the scrollbars if we apply it to the listConfig parameters: Ext.onReady(function() new Ext.form.ComboBox( renderTo: comboContainer, Name script>. What features does ExtJS Combobox support?How does an ExtJS Combobox differ from the standard select element? A ComboBox works in a similar manner to a traditional HTML