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You could use: ArrayList.Sort(int index, int count, IEqualityComparer comparer) This method sorts the elements in a range of elements in ArrayList using the specified comparer. Displays the values of the ArrayList. Console.WriteLine("After sorting:") PrintIndexAndValues(myAL) End Sub Main Public Shared Sub PrintIndexAndValues(ByVal myList As IEnumerable) Dim i As Integer 0 Dim myEnumerator As System.Collections.IEnumerator myList.GetEnumerator (что, кстати, именно то , что BitConverter делает для вас при преобразовании байтового массива в Integer). Однако этот кодLinks. Создать ArrayList из массива. For position As Integer 0 To arraylist1.Count - 1 Dim words As String() arraylist2(position).Split(New Char() " "c) arr(1) words(3) For i 0 To arr.Length - 1.as Tim was suggesting use List(Of Integer). kind of like this. Копирует целый массив ArrayList в совместимый одномерный массив Array, начиная с заданного индекса целевого массива.SetRange(Int32, ICollection). Копирует элементы коллекции в диапазон элементов списка ArrayList. Sort(). So Im using ArrayLists to store some integer arrays and I came up with the following problem: Public Class Form1. Public ag As New ArrayList.End Class.

And while Im here, you should also change ArrayList to List(Of Integer()). You have to create an IComparer and pass it to the Sort method: Class TextBoxComparer Implements IComparer. Public Function Compare(x As Object, y As Object) As Integer Implements IComparer.Compare.

I have an array of these, and I want to sort them by integer (smallest to largest).Java: How do I sort array lists without Bubble sort? Ap compsci merging two sorted arraylists into 1 final sorted array list? VB.NET Tutorial , VB.NET Help and VB.NET Source code for beginners and advanced users All rights reserved. How to use C ArrayList Class ArrayList2009/08/04/vb-net-sort-method-for-a-collection-class/ How to bind an dynamic arraylist to datagrid in vb.net end of post 09-Dec-17 07:24 PM. Заполнение Arraylist в VB.NET? у меня есть Функция, которая возвращает структуру, в VB.NET: Public Shared Function StoreData(Byval abc as store) as pcStruct Dim st as new pcStruct. To remove items from an ArrayList, you can use either the method Remove(value As Object) or RemoveAt(index As Integer).Sorting ArrayLists. Items in an ArrayList are stored in the order that they are added to the list, except when Insert() or InsertRange() are used to insert items into a VB.NET ArrayList.Sort() - ArrayList.Sort() : Sorts the elements in the ArrayList or a portion of it.< Page Language"VB" >